Our Partners

In order to achieve an efficient execution of initiatives on the ground, MSP collaborates with various institutions and organizations in Zimbabwe. Some of our current partners include:


Tradkind Investments (pvt) Ltd

Tradkind is a for-profit company that is registered in Zimbabwe as a general investments organization created to serve the community of Macheke by executing the initiatives of the Macheke Sustainability Project. It follows the social entrepreneurship model where investments are made in an effort to empower locals and support a fair exchange of goods and services. Financial profit is NOT the bottom line – holistic social development is. Most profits made by Tradkind are pumped back into community building projects in Macheke. The partnership with MSP was created to avoid the issue of “Dead Aid” which normally creates a lifetime dependence on foreign donations. Instead, this partnership creates a “Sustainable Aid” forum where locals are supported to place their foot on the development ladder so that they can climb it themselves.


Worldlinks Zimbabwe

World Links is an innovative and award-winning organization that works to provide schools in developing countries with capacity building and self-sustaining computer labs and programs oriented towards integrating computers into the curriculum, creating a measurable and exponential impact. Worldlinks  Zimbabwe collaborated with MSP to obtain computers for Monte Cassino Girls High School in Macheke. More project proposals are in the works.


Local Schools, Macheke

The education initiative for MSP seeks to support all the schools in Macheke to help bridge the gap that has widened over the past number of years. Various schools in Macheke are currently collaborating with MSP to better the education experience of students in Macheke.