About Moleen Madziva

My name is Molly and I was born at the onset of the second liberation struggle in 1975 in Zimbabwe. I lived with my parents, three brothers and three sisters in the Svosve village until Zimbabwe’s independence from the British Colonial rule in 1980. It was then that we moved to the village community of Macheke where I enjoyed a simple but nourishing childhood. With my parents’ blessing, I left Macheke on May 26, 1995 on a flight to the USA to pursue my college education. Against large odds, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Drexel University in 2000. That led me to New Jersey to begin my Software Test Engineering career at Lucent Technologies - a Bell Labs Innovation. During that time, I was fortunate to make the most generous friends on whose shoulders I could stand. After eight years in telecommunications, I transitioned to the Medical Devices industry to join Angel Medical Systems where I currently work. In 2009, I earned my Master of Science degree in Software Engineering from Monmouth University. In 2010, I began my studies for a PhD in Sustainability Education at Prescott College and I must say I am grateful for the privilege to grow as a scholar and the opportunity to collaborate with others that I consider to be experts in the field.

Indeed, I have travelled far – from a village girl in Zimbabwe to a PhD student in the US! Yet it is my deep-seated compassion for others and an optimistic belief in my own capacity to be an agent of change that has now taken me on my greatest journey yet. While my professional expertise is in software technology, I am taking on other challenges in sustainability as it relates to agriculture, public health, education and finance. For the past four years I have been researching and devising a poverty alleviation project for my native community of Macheke in Zimbabwe. In my time at Monmouth University, I built an alliance with brilliant professors and students who have been supporting my ideas in cooperation with the university’s Institute for Global Understanding. Some of my peers at Prescott College have come on board to engage in collaborative research for a curriculum to inspire place-based sustainability education. These efforts have led to my founding of a non-profit organization called the Macheke Sustainability Project – a profound initiative that seeks to empower the people of my village as they turn from a life of abject poverty.

I currently live in Kendall Park, NJ and thoroughly value visits with my family and friends in Zimbabwe whenever I can. When not working, studying or researching; I enjoy laughter with friends, travelling to sunshine places and writing my book on story collections from my Zimbabwean childhood. I am immensely compelled to further my learning as a global citizen because I sense that we will always be chasing freedom, until we embrace the more natural and sustainable way of life. And as I meet the challenges in our world today, I always try to remember to be patient and compassionate with myself. I want to trust that the creator provides whatever we truly need that serves our highest good. As such, I am humbled by the tremendous support I have from others, and certainly am deeply honored to be committed to a life of service.