Our Progress
  • MSP has received documents and reports from students/faculty at Monmouth University on various initiatives being executed in Macheke [this includes a software database system that will be used for efficient data capturing in schools, the healing center and other administrative offices]
  • MSP has collaborated with Worldlinks Zimbabwe to provide computers to Monte Cassino Girls High School in Macheke
  • MSP is supporting the construction of the first hospital in the community: The Macheke Healing Center
  • MSP is supporting the chicken production pilot program (in the future, the program will be expanded to support entrepreneurship among locals in Macheke while contributing to the food security initiative)
  • MSP has provided school tuition for a number of students in Macheke


What your monetary donations can do

$60: Send a primary (grade 1-7) school child to day school for 1 year

$150: Send a secondary (grade 8-12) school child to day school for 1 year

$500: Buys 2,500 seed plants to supplement the tree shortage in the community

Any $ Amount:

  • Support the construction and development of the first hospital in Macheke

    Support the purchase of farm equipment to be shared by local farmers with the goal to increase yield e.g. boomsprayer, manual spreader, planter, combine harvester, etc

    Support the creation of the Micro-finance FUND for the first community bank in Macheke