Students in Macheke

Below are some kind faces from various schools in Macheke. These students along with many others who live in the community of Macheke will benefit from MSP’s support that will include tuition, books, school supplies and other needs.

Hi, my name is Beauty and I live in Macheke. I am in grade 7 at Homepark Primary School and my favorite subject is geography. If possible, I would like to continue to secondary school next year. I enjoy sharing stories and rearing my family’s chickens.

My name is Esnath and I am a 14yr old orphan living in Macheke. I walk at least 12miles for school each day and I use that time to sing my favorite songs and pick some wild fruit on the way. I am doing well in high school and hope to go to nursing school in the future.

Hello – my name is Tinashe and am proudly my mother’s 5th and youngest child. At 7 years old, I can now handle the long walk to school, so I began grade 1 in January 2012. I love to play soccer and I also enjoy spending time with my big brother who has been learning to play music drums with the hope of joining a band someday!