Chicken Production Pilot Program

First phase of this Macheke Sustainability Project pilot program ran from January 2011 – December 2011.

  • With support from donors like you, second phase of the pilot program will run from January 2012 – December 2012. The chicken production initiative will roll out to local residents of Macheke in the form of micro-finance awards beginning in 2013.
  • A commercial farm in Macheke was selected as the chicken production pilot program farm (CPPF). This farm is run as a partnership of 1 man, 2 women and 13 farm workers.
  • This commercial farm was suitable for the pilot because it had the land/space and a good amount of the infrastructure was already in place.
  • A partnership of 3 people supported by 13 employees was a good team size as this allowed flexibility for the changes that were needed to accommodate challenges that cropped up during the pilot program.


Chicken Production Micro-finance (To begin in 2013 – pending donations):

  • The chicken production micro-finance award (CMFA) will be granted on a per-batch basis to 2 people working as “partners”
  • The CMFA partners have to successfully go through the program training before they can begin.
  • The CMFA partners are expected to build a simple chicken run that can hold 120 chickens.
  • The CMFA partners are given 120 chicks, chicken feed, vaccines and production standards to abide by.
  • The CMFA partners are expected to present 100 chickens at the end of the batch cycle. They will receive $1 for each chicken. They also get to keep the remaining 20 chickens for their consumption or private sale.
  • If the chicken batch was successful, the CMFA partners will be eligible to receive inputs for the next chicken production batch.

**Note: The short term goal is to get each set of partners to produce 100chickens per month. So the locals are given an opportunity to receive training on how to run a simple business, inputs for chicken production, guaranteed market and stable income. The longer term goal is to produce the grain for the chicken feed locally in Macheke in order to reduce input/production costs and increase the profit margin from $1/bird to about $3/bird. A profit of $3/bird would equal an income of about $150 + 10 chickens per month per person. This is more than double the current income of a farm laborer or subsistence farmer.