Resources needed

Resources needed:

  • monetary donations
  • school supplies
  • hospital supplies
  • medicines
  • clothing
  • farming equipment and supplies
  • computers and technology equipment
  • solar panels
  • wind turbine construction expertise
  • food processing plant equipmentv Organic agriculture expertise
  • Food Processing expertise


Project Needs:

  • Acquire cash donations/investments to fund the construction of the Healing Center (hospital that delivers a holistic public health mission including mind/body/spirit wellness, training and traditional medicines processing)
  • Acquire cash donations/investments to fund the first phase of the micro-finance initiative (following a sustainable model that allows the initiative to be self-reliant)
  • Acquire cash donations to support initial training and operating costs of the Center for Excellence in Macheke
  • Acquire resources needed for the Education Initiative (school supplies, volunteers for teacher training, e-learning resources, etc)
  • Acquire resources needed for the Renewable Energy Initiative (solar panels, wind turbines, volunteers to provide training)
  • Acquire resources needed for the Public Health Initiative (hospital equipment, medicines, medical staff volunteers) Acquire resources needed for the Agriculture Initiative (farming equipment, volunteers to provide sustainable farming training)


Volunteer Opportunities:

  • administrative assistant duties for the project
  • fundraising activities
  • website support
  • photography
  • documentary production
  • radio/TV press for the project
  • research
  • fieldwork in Macheke, Zimbabwe
  • support production of education/training modules
  • carryout online presentation or small lectures for students in Macheke
  • build student pen-pal group to encourage communication between youth
  • support fair trade initiative of arts and crafts from Macheke, Zimbabwe
  • create online profiles for children that need support ( organizations such as: Children International, World Vision, etc)