Initiatives for Sustainable Development 


1. Sustainable Education Read More

2. Hunhu Heart Project    Read More

3. Environmental Stewardship (learning, planting trees)    Read More

4. Social Entrepreneurship (Chicken Project, Fish farming, Vegetable & grain farming    Read More

5. Global Women’s Sustainability Summit & Celebration    Read More



Areas we could use your support & collaboration

1. Financial contribution to advance development work in Macheke (e.g. build a community healing center powered by solar & connected to the internet to offer a library, medical & research services)

2. Financial contribution to support students in their academic advancement in Macheke

3. Resources and supplies for education, public health, and agriculture initiatives

4. Volunteer your time/expertise to aid education and environmental sustainability initiatives

5. Volunteer at the local clinic as well as medicine dispensaries in Macheke, Zimbabwe

6. Spread the word about Macheke and this work (e.g. Social media campaigns)

7. Research study (as part of an independent study course for credit, as part of coursework for credit, as part of non-credit independent research, practicum, thesis, etc.)

8. Support grant writing tasks in collaboration with the Macheke Sustainability Project

9. Service learning and exchange on the ground in Macheke, Zimbabwe

10. Support student coursework, independent study, practicum projects, thesis research, and fieldwork


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

-African Proverb