MSP Teamplayers

Vimbai Muzuva: Executive Board Member, Treasurer

Vimbai Muzuva was born in Zimbabwe and lived in the community of Macheke while she attended Macheke Primary School. After high school she relocated to the United States to study at North Carolina Wesleyan College where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Information Systems. From there she attained a Master’s degree in Accounting at Strayer University. Vimbai has experience in the private industry and public accounting. She currently works as an internal auditor helping to identify control weaknesses, assess risk and their impacts on the business. Having learned about the Macheke Sustainability Project from its humble beginnings, she was motivated to be involved in the project. Vimbai feels the need to give back to the community that gave her an educational foundation. Her commitment to make a difference in developing communities has inspired her to support the Macheke Sustainability Project.


Moleen Madziva: Executive Board Member, Director/Secretary

Moleen Madziva was born in Zimbabwe and raised in the village community of Macheke. She has a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from Monmouth University, NJ. Currently, she is studying for a PhD in Sustainability Education at Prescott College, AZ. She is interested in the shift from the broad focus on poverty consciousness to paying attention to the emerging abundance that is possible given the current circumstances in Macheke. A part of that involves creating social development models that are shaped by a world view emphasizing trade rather than indefinite aid. She is also interested in holistic self-sustainability where one experiences mind/body/spirit wellness and how this can translate to community sustainability. Her work seeks to assess community progress on the social capital scale where goodwill, fellowship and cooperation among people will result in positive change. Having witnessed her community continue to sink further into poverty, Madziva founded the Macheke Sustainability Project. She credits support from her family, mentors and friends, who share her deep belief that inner joy is a sustained sense of well-being and a connection to what matters.

“I find my most noble moments to be in my acts of compassion. Indeed, there is graceful beauty in empathy…”


Susan Gupta, PhD: Executive Board Member, Chair

Dr. Gupta’s research is focused on cross cultural differences in managerial decision making (B2B), culture measures, as well as cultural differences in brand meaning and branding in global markets. She has published in Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal (CCM), the International Marketing Review (IMR), Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing (JBIM), and the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, and presented conference papers at the Academy of International Business Annual Meeting (AIB), Academy of Marketing Science (AMS), American Marketing Association (AMA), Cross Cultural Research Conference, Advertising and Consumer Psychology Conference (ACP), European Marketing Conference (EMAC), and the National Conference in Sales Management.

She received her PhD in Business Administration in 1996 from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in Marketing and International Business; and her M.S. in Human Environmental Sciences in 1989, and a B.S. in Design Management and Merchandising in 1987 from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Previous professional positions include: consultant for McCarty, Holsaple, McCarty, Inc.; facility programming and needs assessment for TVA- Tennessee Valley Authority, a large governmental organization where she conducted interviews, focus groups, and analysis; and facility programmer at Hellmuth Obata Kassabaum (HOK) Inc., St. Louis, MO, a large international architectural and strategic space planning firm.

Currently she is serving as the UNDPI Representative for the Institute for Global Understanding at Monmouth University, Lead Advisor for the Marketing and International Business Department and the academic advisor for the International Business Network, an university wide undergraduate organization for students planning to pursue a global career.

“The MSP has developed into an important opportunity to create a sustainable community for Macheke, the needs of this community mirror many communities and hopefully the approaches developed for Macheke could be duplicated. I believe in the MSPs mission to serve this community with dignity and the opportunity to provide for their own futures.”