Our Team

Moleen Madziva
Founder & Executive Director
My name is Molly and I am a product of defiantly brave choices that have been supported by an adamantly compassionate global village. I was born in Zimbabwe and raised speaking the Zezuru dialect of the Shona tribal people. I enjoyed a simple but nourishing childhood in the village community of Macheke. It was there that I cultivated the heart for the care & keeping of self, others, and the natural environment. Learn more about Molly: https://machekeproject.org/dr-moleen-madziva/
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Brian Muvuti
Operations Director
Brian Muvuti comes to the MSP team as a dedicated supporter of charitable work with a passion for understanding people, inclusion, cultures, and community. A native of Macheke, Brian is responsible for the Operations work that keeps the MSP team moving forward. His ability to connect people and facilitate change helped MSP in 2019 to raise funds that enabled the organization to install the much-needed solar system at Macheke primary school. Learn more about Brian: https://machekeproject.org/brian-muvuti/
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Rebecca Isbell
Communications Director
Becca brings an understanding of the tools and processes that function behind the scenes to make our communications campaigns successful and cutting-edge. She is most known for her ability to adapt to new roles and juggle multiple responsibilities, as she has worked for both start-ups and lean non-profits where resources have been scarce. Learn more about Becca: https://machekeproject.org/rebecca-isbell/
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Rudo Madziva
Country Director